How to buy bitcoins?

Choose your Exchange to buy bitcoins

More and more people want to save in crypto assets. But then, how and where to acquire this virtual currency? How to buy bitcoins or ethers?

Acheter des bitcoins ou autres crypto monnaies pour épargner
First, to buy bitcoins, ethers or any other digital currency, be aware that you do not necessarily have to go through an exchange. However, platforms remain essential to make conversions and remain the easiest solution to obtain them.

Also called brokers, these platforms ensure transactions. They make it possible to transfer “traditional” currencies such as the euro for example. Then, these funds can be converted into cryptocurrency like bitcoin, ethereum or other. Therefore, they give the opportunity to “buy” digital currency.

Ultimately, the latter are links that are an integral part of the world of crypto-currencies.

Getting crypto assets in 3 steps:

    1. Create an account on a crypto platform
    2. Fiat currency deposit (euro, dollar etc.)
    3. Conversion to the cryptocurrency of your choice

There are 2 other ways to get cryptocurrency:

    • Mining, which consists of making computer equipment "available" in order to contribute to the proper functioning of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The miner receives the cryptocurrency for which he contributes. This alternative requires a minimum of computer knowledge and high-performance equipment that is often expensive…
    • Be paid directly in cryptocurrency, provided you are in possession of a crypto wallet. It can therefore be useful to hold a crypto wallet (digital wallet) to be able to receive your cryptocurrencies.

If you want to know more about crypto wallets, here is our tutorial: Guide crypto wallets

Note that crypto exchange platforms allow you to "hold" a wallet directly on their platform. This can simplify the process for beginners. This is the case of eToro for example.

You can of course deposit or collect your funds at any time. Deposits and withdrawals can mostly be made by card or bank transfer.

Acheter des bitcoins pour épargner